Bio for Ben Amor

Ben Amor is the founder and executive director of Terra-Genesis Inc. (TGI) and is currently implementing The Mosaic Self-Empowerment Program at the American Dream Center. Also known as Ali Ali, Ben was born in Tunisia, North Africa, to a poor farming family. As a young shepherd, Ben learned English and then worked in the Tunisian Air Force before eventually migrating to the United States in 1968 to chase the American Dream.

After becoming a naturalized citizen, Ben earned an associate degree from San Antonio College and started working as a skilled technician and computer programmer. However, Ben’s life drastically changed in 1983 when he had a realistic dream of children crying due to starvation.

Unable to shake the crying voices of those children out of his mind, Ben that in 1984, he decided to quit his job and establish a nonprofit agency, Terra-Genesis Inc. He put all his savings into achieving his dream and making TGI a successful venture that aimed to end world hunger through technology. The organization worked to reduce the infant mortality rate and provided wellness centers, social services database access, housing services, solution centers, arts programs, self-empowerment programs, and more.

Ben also carried a dream of writing a book, which he achieved when he wrote he chronicled his life story in a book titled, The Urban Shepherd: Chasing the American Dream. This biographical account is meant to help its readers chase their dreams and never give up despite the odds. After all, Ben never gave up on his dream and overcame all the hurdles he faced in achieving his vision to serve the community. 

Through TGI and his growing career as an author, Ben helps people discover themselves, unlock their true potential, and become financially independent and self-reliant. Through TGI, Ben wishes to help people learn more about self-empowerment and how they can open their minds. The nonprofit agency also works toward preventing abuse, abandonment, and neglect of children and offers other social services to the community.

Ben is a determined professional who truly believes that humans are born with a powerful mind they can employ to change their lives around. He strives to help people own their reasons to help them achieve anything they desire. Ben believes in perseverance and a positive mental attitude, as these attributes help people transform from dreamers into achievers.

Ben likes to catch up on his reading when he is not working. He also enjoys exercising daily and traveling, as it keeps him connected with different cultures and human nature. Ben has also volunteered at various shelters since 1983, believing he must give back to society.

Ben is a family man through and through; he married Assia Ladhari, another Tunisian native, in 1994. He lives with her and their son, Abou Ali, in San Antonio, Texas. He also has a daughter, Lisa Mona, from his previous marriage.