Programs & Resources


Terra-Genesis has compiled over 50,000 Community Resources and Services. These can be accessed in the following ways to make it easier for you a. USB – Access over 5,000 resources through the digital format and be able to receive database updates. To Pre-Order your USB Key email us at [email protected]. The cost is $10 per USB.

Terra-Genesis of San Antonio

Workforce Housing Services – TG builds affordable housing for working families Educational and Motivational Books – See our list of books that are available to help you achieve your goals.
Community Resources – Access community resources at

Terra-Genesis of Texas

Amy Young Barrier Removal Rehab – If you need your house rehabbed and are low-income and have a disability apply for this program by sending an email to [email protected].

Non-profit Empowerment Program (NEP) – Nonprofits looking to collaborate and grow can contact us at [email protected]

Save Families, a program of Sav-Baby Inc.

Self-Empowerment Program (SEP) – Find out how to set goals and become self-empowered and financially stabled by attending our Self-Empowering seminar. First, you must take the Self-Assessment then we will contact you.